Contract manufacturing, We contribute to the supply capacity of your business. We contribute to the supply capacity of your business in the production of N95 / KN95 protective masks and 3-ply surgical masks.

We produce in desired quality standards (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, etc.) in demand quantities and colors with corporate logo printed at affordable prices.

Santeks Mask, Fason maske üretimi. 3 katlı medikal maske, n95 ve kendinden lastikli maske

Fason Üretim

Reduce your costs with contract manufacturing.

We produce according to your demands from quality materials in accordance with the standards. With our experience from the market, we can support our customers at every stage of production.

Quick response to customer requests

We produce the contract manufacturing materials you order in the fastest way, and we will definitely meet the deadline. We try to speed up the business process as much as possible by responding quickly to your requests.

Customer happiness

Continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of production and supply quality by targeting customer satisfaction forms the basis of our production and quality assurance organization.

Quality in production

Production and quality assurance activities are carried out in order to produce quality at every step, including pre-production, production and post-production controls.

Contract ManufacturingProduction process

Contract manufacturing stages

Determination of demands

Accurate transfer of your business demands and preparation of the price offer.

Transition to production

Starting production by determining the deadline from the date of approval.


Delivery to the designated place on the specified date.